A digital platform of 3D scans, available in a physical sculpture forever.

Refshaleøen’s black box
Contains 3D scans from the whole island, uploaded by people as a memory of small or big things that gave/gives Refshaleøen its special character. The black box, like on a plane, is a record of everything that has happened/is happening on the Island.

In this way the black box becomes a new urban function, that could be present in all neighbourshoods containing memories of the movement of time

The black box becomes a physical sculpture that can be consumed, just as one consumes the older digital memories and records. The black box and its ever-expanding data will remain on the island and be accessible forever. A new urban function

Location:Refshaleøen, Copenhagen
Year:2023-in process 
Competition: 1 part
Context: Refshaleøen is an industrial area in Copenhagen, now plans have
been made for further developement. Reda the real state company, as all
other parties are very interessted in keeping the spirit of the place
while acknowleding the neccesity to develop.   

The black box, is like on a plane, a 3D recording of everything that happened/happens on Refshaleøen.
Collage: Scanning Refshaleøen atmosphere anno 2023