A three dimensional cemetary

The project aims to re-interpretate the ground of bury into an 3 dimensional cemetery structure, that sits as a piece of urban furniture, saturating the surrounding context, creating pockets of intimacy, as it weaves through the urban fabric, as a public inhabi- table space.

The structure is inserted urbanistically in places of aqua alta, the dying points of Veni- ce, the structure provides a space of passage, as the edge condition is expanded into public relief points.

The cemetery structure has a slightly morbid character, that death lies beneath the sur- face, gently touching and supporting the city, reminding us off the temporality and ab- sence of... the finit nature of human life is thus challenged, as the inhabitation evokes the memory of the passed. Names and dates, provides familiarity and surreal per- spective, as we curiously w(a)onder through generations of stories, slightly touching ordinary peoples lives.

Through the possibility of linking stories, novels, biographies too the deceased, the structure will accumulate multiple layers of information, providing a frame where history unfolds, through the eyes and words of former inhabitants, where scanning will create virtual windows into the past.


Designboom, Designverse, Byrumsmonitor (additional article)