The projects seeks to add a spotlight on the current "sand" crises. Due to the rapid urbanization, we are at this point extracting 50 Bn tons of sand each year, which can't be done without creating massive environmental impacts around the world. By 2100 its said that 85% will be living in cities, so it goes to show our demand won't diminish. Sand is further used in almost everything from concrete, landfill to glass and electronics etc. Sand is the second most mined mineral in the world, and at the same time it's the most profitable illegal commodity according to United Nations.Desert sand can't be used because of its smoothness, so sand from riverbeds and beaches are being used.
In an article by Nick Meynen a few years ago, he coins the phrase "Concrete or Beaches", which was the eye opener for me, and might be for a large part of the world, as the opposition speaks directly to something most of us hold very dear, beaches.

The project is created as a visual architectural narrative, as I feel we have reached a point where we are no longer able to cope with disaster images. Therefore, we hope that the project, with its visual character, can generate greater curiosity and thereby increase awareness of the subject


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